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Pili Cereto Art

"Swooning Angel"

"Swooning Angel"

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Continuing with the mythical collection, let's talk about Angels! I consider myself atheist but I am fascinated by the different religions and stories that throughout the hundreds of years humans have created to have meaning in live.

Have you read Sophie's world? I found this book super interesting 🧐

Angels are celestial intermediaries between God and humanity. But they are also protectors and guides for humans. Those expelled from Heaven are called fallen angels, distinct from the heavenly host.

Throughout the years angels in art are usually shaped like humans of extraordinary beauty, though this is not always the case—sometimes, they can be portrayed in a frightening, inhuman manner. They are often identified in Christian artwork with bird winds, halos and divine light.

30x20 inches

Acrylics on canvas board




Details: Original mixed media painting on canvas board. This painting is carefully packaged to ensure safe transit. In addition, your painting is posted via registered post and is fully insured.

All orders are normally processed in 2-3 working days, please allow up to 10 days to receive your order. If you need something quicker then please contact us directly.

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