About Pilar Cereto

Welcome to my studio. My name is Pilar Cereto, I am a self-taught portrait and figurative artist who works predominantly in acrylics and oils mixing the old with the new.

I'm particularly interested in the female form and how women are perceived and depicted through the ages. Through my artwork, I explore themes of feminism, sexuality and the human condition.

Pilar Cereto Painting

Originally from Andalusia in Spain, I now live and work in Kilkenny, Ireland.

My painting style blends realism and abstract elements, allowing my intuition to guide the final composition.


Through the interplay of textures and the use of diverse media, Pilar's paintings employ bold and captivating colors that beckon viewers to engage and explore each artwork. Despite her relatively new vocation, Pilar Cereto has already showcased her exceptional talent through various exhibitions. Her works have found their homes as far afield as California, New York, Georgia, across Europe and of course Ireland.

If you are interested in seeing some of her more experimental works or new works in progress, please visit her on Instagram.